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Rates Hit Multi Year High, What’s Next?

The perfect storm of hurricanes, driver shortages, ELD fears, and rising fuel costs have elevated freight rates to multi-year highs across the nation. A record breaking seven loads to one truck was reported for the first time ever since DAT Trend lines launched in 2010. Capacity remains tight as the industry prepares for Black-Friday’s retail rush and also what’s being predicted as a very busy December for Truckload. Read the full article...


Van Rates Hit Highest Mark in 2 Years

Great article on about how the market demand for van freight is on the rise. "Brokers and shippers had a harder time finding trucks last week, so they paid a premium in most major markets and lanes. Capacity was tighter because of the annual Roadcheck inspection blitz, and with the added pressure caused by this year's steadily increasing spot market demand, national average rates hit levels we haven’t seen in the past two years..." Read the full article:


Shanahan Transportation Systems meets new MAP-21

Shanahan Transportation Systems meets new MAP-21 bonding requirement effective October 1, 2013 On July 6, 2012 the President signed legislation that requires all brokers and forwarders to increase their bond amount from $10,000 to $75,000 by October 1, 2013.  Regardless of the type of business, all companies who broker loads, either as a broker, forwarder, or carrier they must comply with this requirement.  There are no exceptions or grace periods.  Shanahan Transportation Systems is fully compliant with this new legislation, and encourages all shippers and carriers to verify who they do business with by visiting the FMCSA web portal, or other [...]


Shanahan Transportation Systems partners with RR Donnelley’s DLS Worldwide

Shanahan Transportation Systems proudly operates the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg stations of RR Donnelley's DLS Worldwide, an RR Donnelley Company. The Pittsburgh station was recognized as the premier operating office in the entire RR Donnelley's DLS Worldwide network of more than 60 stations located across the United States and Canada.  And the success continued in the first quarter of 2010 with the Pittsburgh station leading the nation in revenue and customer satisfaction.